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Official TXDPSRP Newsletter - May 1st, 2020
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Man, this past couple of months have been flying by super quick, it's going to be summer before we know it. Here at the Article Writers Team, we hope everyone is doing well through these tough times some people may be going through, and hopefully, we can add a little bit of light to your days with this newsletter! This month's newsletter is quite a juicy one and we cannot wait for you guys to read this. Stay Safe everyone and have a happy may month!

Here's the Official TXDPSRP Monthly Newsletter (May Edition).

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Official TXDPSRP Newsletter - April 1st, 2020
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After a long day of getting pranked on April Fools, it's time to sit back and relax and read our April Edition Newsletter! A lot has happened this month such as lots of Development Updates, new vehicles, maps, and especially the coronavirus is a HUGE topic going on in the real world. Please be safe out there and keep washing your hands and keep up the good hygiene, stay at least 6 feet away from people in public places, and most importantly, stay home! Take this time to take your mind off of real-world events such as the coronavirus, and take in our lovely Newsletter written by our Article Writers Team!

Here's the Official TXDPSRP Monthly Newsletter (April Edition). p.s. Click the red text.

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Official TXDPSRP Newsletter - March 1st, 2020
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March.... Spring.... Clover Month?.. I cannot believe it's already the 3rd month in 2020. Time flies by when you're having fun am I right? ok sorry, corny joke. Anyways.. This month of March is going to be great and epic. Last month, there were so many development updates and so much more to come this month especially. So, without further ado. Enjoy the March Edition TXDPSRP Newsletter written by our Article Writers Team!

Here's the Official TXDPSRP Monthly Newsletter (March Edition). p.s. Click the green text.

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Official TXDPSRP Newsletter - February 1st, 2020
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January was a long month, but maybe that was just us. Now it's time for February the Month of love. Let's all dive into this month with positive mindsets and let this be the best month. This Newsletter today is pretty lengthy, but it's got a lot of information that will be super useful for you. There's a couple of events planned, some spotlights, and even community spotlights in the letter. We hope you enjoy this month's newsletter! Leave us some feedback on what we should do for our next Newsletter!

Here's the Official TXDPSRP Monthly Newsletter (February Edition). p.s. Click the red/orange text.

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Official TXDPSRP Newsletter - January 1st, 2020
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As the New Year comes, we made some changes to our Monthly Newsletter. A few things you should know, every month there will be a different theme for each Newsletter as well as we will be spotlighting more people in our community. We noticed that in our recent newsletters, there wasn't much of spotlighting the members and departments in the community. This time, we are going to try our best to always include more spotlights of the people in the TXDPSRP Community.

There will be a lot of good changes coming in the future of 2020 and the month of January. Here's the Official TXDPSRP Monthly Newsletter. (click me)

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Breast Cancer Awareness Event (Race)
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This event was a little late, but this past Saturday our event team hosted a Race for Breast Cancer Awareness. There were a ton of people who showed up and everyone was so kind and up going! Everyone showed good sport to everyone even if they got last place or first place. We cannot wait for more events to come hosted by our Event Team! (sorry I didn't write a lot, I'm not really good with these things :p )
Scheduled Whitelist Patrols!
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Heyo folks, As some of you may know, We recently have been posting "Scheduled" Whitelist Patrols on our Calendar. Recently, We came to the conclusion that saying like "@everyone whitelist patrol get on now" just isn't right. So, as a result to fix that, We decided to Schedule them ahead of time that way you guys can mark it on your Calendar and get all hyped up for the set date. We really hope you guys enjoy the Scheduled Whitelist Patrols, as it seems to be a whole lot better. I'm not really good with these types of news things, so I'll just stop right here. ok byeeee!
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We finally got Server Side EUP into our Server. We have DPD, Sheriff, TST, and Fire peds. There is extra clothing so like security and other cool things. You can use /eup, but I mostly use the Simple Trainer Menu by going to Model Spawning -> Clothes then just mess around changing it, you can do this in your lambda to. Now, departments do have rules on what you can wear so make sure to contact whoever you contact in your department about the clothing you can wear.
Annnnnnd back to updating the server with more fun things, kthxbai cya later.
DCSO Office has been Shut Down.
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This afternoon the Dallas County Sheriff's Office has been shut down by the Fire Marshal. There was a recent fire at the station, and it got so bad that they had to shut it down for 10 days. They are now saying that Sheriffs will be transporting to the Texas State Troopers Station (Paleto Bay) or the Mission Row PD. Updates to this story will continue as soon as we hear more from it.
Warns, Kicks, and Bans
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We did some cool updates to our punishment system, such as they now get displayed on
Whenever you are bored, and want to see all the punishments for whatever reason, well now you can by going to that link or by clicking More at the top of our page and clicking Punishment Page.

P.S. We are adding a temp-ban system in soon, but the struggle is real at the moment. :sweating:
Quick Updates
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Fixed a few issues in-game.
Still trying to fix the loading screen, but you guys keep yelling at us
Added a Tahoe (Amber Lights) Vehicle (as you saw in my video). This vehicle is for Patrons only.
Oofing is still a thing apparently.
Apply for staff staff staff staff staff staff staff staff staff today like right now like you should apply today like right now just do it already kthx.