Big Announcements
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We finally got Server Side EUP into our Server. We have DPD, Sheriff, TST, and Fire peds. There is extra clothing so like security and other cool things. You can use /eup, but I mostly use the Simple Trainer Menu by going to Model Spawning -> Clothes then just mess around changing it, you can do this in your lambda to. Now, departments do have rules on what you can wear so make sure to contact whoever you contact in your department about the clothing you can wear.
Annnnnnd back to updating the server with more fun things, kthxbai cya later.
Warns, Kicks, and Bans
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We did some cool updates to our punishment system, such as they now get displayed on
Whenever you are bored, and want to see all the punishments for whatever reason, well now you can by going to that link or by clicking More at the top of our page and clicking Punishment Page.

P.S. We are adding a temp-ban system in soon, but the struggle is real at the moment. :sweating:
Quick Updates
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Fixed a few issues in-game.
Still trying to fix the loading screen, but you guys keep yelling at us
Added a Tahoe (Amber Lights) Vehicle (as you saw in my video). This vehicle is for Patrons only.
Oofing is still a thing apparently.
Apply for staff staff staff staff staff staff staff staff staff today like right now like you should apply today like right now just do it already kthx.