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Official TXDPSRP Newsletter - February 1st, 2020
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January was a long month, but maybe that was just us. Now it's time for February the Month of love. Let's all dive into this month with positive mindsets and let this be the best month. This Newsletter today is pretty lengthy, but it's got a lot of information that will be super useful for you. There's a couple of events planned, some spotlights, and even community spotlights in the letter. We hope you enjoy this month's newsletter! Leave us some feedback on what we should do for our next Newsletter!

Here's the Official TXDPSRP Monthly Newsletter (February Edition). p.s. Click the red/orange text.

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Official TXDPSRP Newsletter - January 1st, 2020
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As the New Year comes, we made some changes to our Monthly Newsletter. A few things you should know, every month there will be a different theme for each Newsletter as well as we will be spotlighting more people in our community. We noticed that in our recent newsletters, there wasn't much of spotlighting the members and departments in the community. This time, we are going to try our best to always include more spotlights of the people in the TXDPSRP Community.

There will be a lot of good changes coming in the future of 2020 and the month of January. Here's the Official TXDPSRP Monthly Newsletter. (click me)

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Thanksgiving 2019
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Today 11/28/19 is Thanksgiving. As I stated in my post last year for thanksgiving, myself and many others are very thankful to be apart of this fantastic community, as you should be too! The nice and welcoming people of this community is what I really enjoy and look forward to. I am very thankful to have each and every one of you in my life, whether it is on this community or in real life, and I know I can speak on behalf of IceTheDev, that he is beyond thankful to have each and every one of you on the server. Thank you to all of you who have participated and contributed to this amazing community!
4th of July
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As you most likely know, today is the 4th of July! A day recognized to celebrate the freedom and independence of the United States. In case you haven't heard already, we are hosting a Fourth of July event tomorrow (July 5th) with a parade and many other special things! This being said, read our most recent newsletter to find out how to attend the event and exactly what will be occurring at the event!
Discord Nitro Server Boosting!
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Nitro Server Boosting is now available on Discord everywhere including our Discord Server. To learn more about it, it is a way to give the TXDPSRP Discord even more perks on the discord. Some perks you will receive when boosting the server include but are not limited to:
- Hoisted role
- Giveaways just for nitro boosters.
- Be the first people to test scripts and such before they go public.
- Access to a Private Nitro Chat.
- Hidden voice channel.​
5,000 Discord Members!
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Hey everyone! Although this post may be a little late, as we hit 5,000 members a little while ago. On behalf of the entire staff team, we would like to each and every one of you, for supporting the sever through thick and thin! No matter what, you guys are what makes the server the great server we are today! Thank you guys so much for everything, and we can't wait to hit an even bigger milestone! No matter how many members, we are still grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you so much!
Happy Valentines Day! ❤
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Hello TXDPSRP! Happy Valentines Day! I don't have much to say, but I hope your valentines day was great whether you have a Valentine or not! Personally I enjoyed receiving all my chocolate :D Anyways keep in mind there is going to a Valentines Day event on Feb. 15th at 6:30 PM CST. I hope to see a bunch of you guys there. Happy Valentines Day!
The TXDPSRP Staff Team!
Dallas West I.S.D 48
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The official grand opening of the brand new Dallas West International School District 48, has now made its opening! Students will start transferring on January 7th, as that is the end of their winter break! The new school includes top rated teachers, brand new technology, and even a brand new top of the line track, with a swimming pool. This school is a public school, though may look like a private school, Dallas is hoping to revolutionize the art of public schools! The school is located in the west side of Dallas towards Vinewood Hills. Including this, bus service for the school will be available all around West Dallas, but the students must live more than 0.5 miles away from the school, otherwise bus service will not be available.
Happy New Year!
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Hey guys! I wanted to come on here, and make a post celebrating new years! I hope everyone has a great new years, and that, whatever you may do on New Years, is great! Whether you know it or not but today, last year (January 1st 2018) Ice created the server. Ice I would like to personally congratulate you on an amazing server, and tell you thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for accepting me into this community, and showing me what a great community really can look like. Thank all of you, for making the first 6 months for me amazing, and the first year for Ice, even better! So again, congratulations Ice, on your 1 year anniversary of TXDPSRP, and I think we can all thank you for putting so much hard work and effort into this server. Whether you heard or not, Ice created this server without a PC, in order to create this server, Ice had to screen-share with his friend on his computer. That shows how far Ice was willing to go to start this server, even if he couldn't play on it...
Merry Christmas!
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Hey everyone, today, Christmas Day, is a very special day, for a lot of people. Whether it is celebrating the gathering of family, opening presents, or even celebrating the birth of Jesus, everyone can find a special place in their heart for Christmas. For most, the family is the most important part of Christmas, no matter how you celebrate it. The gathering of very important people in our lives, is something that should be cherished, and celebrated. For my family, we don't celebrate much with presents, but more the birth of Jesus, and the gathering of family. Now for others it may be different, or you may not celebrate Christmas at all. But either way, I think this could be put into context on our server, in the gathering of members. Although we may not physically be able to give gifts to each other, please take the time to thank someone, write them a message, or anything, to show them that you are appreciative of them, and want to wish them a merry Christmas. I would like to...
IceTheDev's Birthday! 🎂
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Today, December 2nd, is IceTheDev's birthday. Today should be a day, where we should recognize and celebrate the day our fantastic owner was brought into the world! It is amazing how much Ice does for us, and we should use this day, not only to just celebrate his birthday, but to recognize how much he does for the server. Thank you Ice for always staying patient with everyone, including me, when I thought I would never make it into the staff team. Although you may not see it, Ice does so much for this server, thank you so much Ice, and happy birthday!
Thanksgiving 🦃
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Today is Thanksgiving, as you may know, no matter where you live, this is a time to be thankful. I think it is very special that we have a day dedicated just to being thankful, and recognizing how lucky we are to be alive. I understand more people than not, are less fortunate than we are, to just even be on the server, the fact that you have a computer, makes you very very lucky. More than half of the world does not even have access to the internet. You should be very thankful to be on the internet, and the fact that we have this great server to play on, makes you even more special. Thank you to all of the members, and staff who make this server what it is today!
Texas Yellow Cab
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Texas Yellow Cab has been introduced to the state of Texas. You can now use this vehicle as a replacement under the vehicle "Taxi". This vehicle is free to use by any member, as it does not require special permissions. Have fun! ;)
Poisoned Officer
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Yesterday at an unknown time, officer 4B-24 Zylos pressed his panic button. The officer was at a bar, having a drink with a person, when he started to not feel well. Officers responded and officer Zylos was in and out of reality. As officers tried to bring him back, EMS arrived. EMS took the officer to the hospital as fast as possible. Officer 4B-24 was pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital. The reason for the officers death was announced to be poisoning by tablet. First responders believe he was poisoned while at the bar. Officer 4B-24 Zylos's funeral took place the next day around 23:00 to around 4:00.
American Airlines Vehicles
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New American Airlines vehicles have been added into the game. All of the airport vehicles have been re-skinned to resemble American Airlines airport vehicles. Not only have the Airtug and Ripley been re-skinned, but the Airport Bus has been re-skinned as well. Although it is not shown in this image, it is not based on any real life buses, but instead just based on creativity. Although the vehicles may not be used often, it is still in hopes of making the server fully custom, and as realistic as possible, so whenever the need for any of these vehicles comes, then they are there for you!
Dallas Penitentiary Update
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Today the Dallas Penitentiary received updated jumpsuits for inmates. These jumpsuits resemble the real Dallas Sheriffs Office jumpsuits, which were skinned by Alex White. All inmates will be given a jumpsuit upon arrival, and all old jumpsuits have been replaced with the new, realistic ones. These PEDS are in game under NPC on Lambda Menu as Prisoner (1) Prisoner (2) and Prisoner Muscular. Although it may not seem practical, these jumpsuits can also be purchased at the Binco, Suburban, and Ponsboy which have locations all over Texas.
Community Officer Update
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The Community Officers of Texas have been given updated vehicles. The vehicles are much over due and are well earned because of their hard work. The officers raised money in order to update their vehicles, as they are not funded by the state. There will be future updates to Community Officers and more to look forward to. Just as a reminder, if you are interested in becoming an applied officer, apply on the forums!
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Today at approximately 19:41, Officers responded to a call about a shooter at the Ammunation. The shooter then drove off and officers were able to catch up with the suspect. The suspect took the police on a wild goose chase, going over hills and sand dunes. This led to the suspect running out of his vehicle and fleeing up the Senora National Park Mountain. The officers followed him up the mountain, as they were approaching the suspect, he turned around and shot at officers. One officer was hit and rushed straight to the hospital, the others fired at the suspect. The suspect was shot, EMS arrived and rushed the suspect to the hospital. The suspect was pronounced dead upon arrival.
Staff Patrol
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After a hard's day of work, The Founder (IceTheDev) and a Sr. Moderator (Alex W.) finished up their patrol while hunting for rule breakers. They enjoy the new staff vest that was just released and created by me :) Today was action packed, while cleaning up the server of rule breakers and modders. Ice got around to adding a few new emotes to the /emotes list as well! If you see any rule breakers in game use /report {id} {reason} and our staff members will take care of it!
9-11 Tribute
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Today, 17 Years ago, September 11th 2001, two planes full of passengers on their way to Los Angeles International Airport. Two planes flew into the Twin Towers and 2,996 lives were lost. This number includes the first responders, hijackers, passengers, and people inside the building. In order to pay our respect to the lives lost, we held a 9-11 tribute and convoy. Thank you to everyone who attended and showed respect to the people and family who lost lives those days. A special thank you to the people who risked and lost their lives that day to keep this country safe, and to the people still doing it to this day. Without them, none of our lives would be the same. No matter what country you live it, all first responders should be respected, especially the lives lost. Thank you to ALL first responders of ALL countries!