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DCSO Office has been Shut Down.
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This afternoon the Dallas County Sheriff's Office has been shut down by the Fire Marshal. There was a recent fire at the station, and it got so bad that they had to shut it down for 10 days. They are now saying that Sheriffs will be transporting to the Texas State Troopers Station (Paleto Bay) or the Mission Row PD. Updates to this story will continue as soon as we hear more from it.
Vinewood Bowl
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Just In! Yesterday, the owner of the Vinewood Bowl, Alex White decided to let the state of Texas rent out his theater in exchange for a chance to be a judge. He invited other people such as firefighters to have a chance to come judge the acts. All of the acts were amazing and Alex recommends you check out his theater some time soon! In case you have pure talent, he recommends you perform in next years show! Thank you to all showed up, watched the acts, performed, or even judged the acts!
4th of July
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Just In! Sandy shores airfield was willing to host this years annual firework show! The turn out was great and so many people had fun! Thank you everyone who attended to support the U.S. Independence Day! (Photo was shot by firework enthusiast and photographer Bart Clifton ) Tune in for the parade happening this afternoon around the whole state of Texas!
President White visits Texas
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Just In! President White decided to visit the state of Texas to thank all of his biggest supporters. He stopped by many places such as Fort Zancudo and even the 24/7! Filmed multiple speeches and met so many new people! The president would like to thank all of his supporters who supported him throughout his years in office! Directly from the president: "Stay strong and fight on!" Thank you USA!! (And be sure to look out for the 4th of July parade tomorrow, it will be traveling all around the state of Texas)