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FiveM Vehicle Remote Central Locking Script 2.1.1

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Simply download this mod, and then place the file(s) into:

FiveM -> FiveM Application Data -> plugins > Copy & paste or drag & drop

Once you download this, go into your lambda menu and navigate to

Vehicles -> Owned Vehicles -> Set Vehicle as Owned

Once you do this, whenever you press 'U' on your keyboard it will unlock your vehicle and when you press 'L' it will lock it. When you are in vehicles, and you press L, it will lock the vehicle whether you are inside it or not. This will make it so you cannot get out of your vehicle, and you will have to press U. This script will also work on the closest nearby vehicle if there is not an Owned Vehicle Set. This will sometimes be a problem as if you are in the back of a police vehicle (being taken back to the station, etc) and you press 'L' it will make it so any occupants of the vehicle cannot exit the vehicle, and you will have to press 'U'.
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