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  1. Alexander W.

    Thanksgiving 2019

    Today 11/28/19 is Thanksgiving. As I stated in my post last year for thanksgiving, myself and many others are very thankful to be apart of this fantastic community, as you should be too! The nice and welcoming people of this community is what I really enjoy and look forward to. I am very...
  2. Alexander W.

    Whats My User ID?

    How to find your Discord User ID is: 1. Open discord and go to your settings which can be located near your local mute and local deafen buttons, click the icon that looks like a gear. 2. Go to the option on the left hand side that says "Appearance" and scroll down until you see an option called...
  3. Alexander W.

    4th of July

    As you most likely know, today is the 4th of July! A day recognized to celebrate the freedom and independence of the United States. In case you haven't heard already, we are hosting a Fourth of July event tomorrow (July 5th) with a parade and many other special things! This being said, read our...
  4. Alexander W.

    Should i get a RTX 2080 or a GTX 1080TI Graphics card?

    1, if the extra $200 for better performance is worth it to you.
  5. Alexander W.

    Discord Nitro Server Boosting!

    Nitro Server Boosting is now available on Discord everywhere including our Discord Server. To learn more about it, it is a way to give the TXDPSRP Discord even more perks on the discord. Some perks you will receive when boosting the server include but are not limited to: - Hoisted role -...
  6. Alexander W.

    5,000 Discord Members!

    Hey everyone! Although this post may be a little late, as we hit 5,000 members a little while ago. On behalf of the entire staff team, we would like to each and every one of you, for supporting the sever through thick and thin! No matter what, you guys are what makes the server the great server...
  7. Alexander W.

    ok I guess Papis Police Department (PPD) will respond to my call abt u...

    ok I guess Papis Police Department (PPD) will respond to my call abt u...
  8. Alexander W.

    um wat?

    um wat?
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  10. Alexander W.

    reported to ping police

    reported to ping police
  11. Alexander W.

    dude go to school

    dude go to school
  12. Alexander W.
  13. Alexander W.

    Happy Valentines Day! ❤

    Hello TXDPSRP! Happy Valentines Day! I don't have much to say, but I hope your valentines day was great whether you have a Valentine or not! Personally I enjoyed receiving all my chocolate :D Anyways keep in mind there is going to a Valentines Day event on Feb. 15th at 6:30 PM CST. I hope to see...
  14. Alexander W.

    Favorite AOP

    Definitely East LS, I really enjoy the bottom right of the map, since it isn't really used much, IDK i just like those industrial type places.
  15. Alexander W.

    Does anyone know how to carry a item while walking? Ex. Holding a Camera on your shoulder

    To use the camera on your shoulder, you use the command /cam To hold a mic in your left hand, you use the command /mic
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  17. Alexander W.

    Dallas West I.S.D 48

    The official grand opening of the brand new Dallas West International School District 48, has now made its opening! Students will start transferring on January 7th, as that is the end of their winter break! The new school includes top rated teachers, brand new technology, and even a brand new...
  18. Alexander W.

    Happy New Year!

    Hey guys! I wanted to come on here, and make a post celebrating new years! I hope everyone has a great new years, and that, whatever you may do on New Years, is great! Whether you know it or not but today, last year (January 1st 2018) Ice created the server. Ice I would like to personally...
  19. Alexander W.

    Merry Christmas!

    Hey everyone, today, Christmas Day, is a very special day, for a lot of people. Whether it is celebrating the gathering of family, opening presents, or even celebrating the birth of Jesus, everyone can find a special place in their heart for Christmas. For most, the family is the most important...
  20. Alexander W.

    Sad story of a man trying to live with out texus

    Smurfs: The Lost Village Script 1 Ha-ha! Whee! This story begins in a secret place hidden deep in a forest. Whoa, whoa! That is a smurf. We call him clumsy. And this is our village, where there's a smurf for just about everything. Like jokey. Hey, here's a present for you. Ah! Oh, gullible...